1. Press spacebar (click the "Go" button) to start a race.

2. Watch the race.

3. When you see the winner(s) press spacebar (click the "Go" button) to restart.

Who needs coin flips!!

This is another simple app for betting, watching and enjoying with people next to you. Second app of my "For Fun" series. Hope you enjoy watching the race as much as I did.

In-Game Characters

Because I do not own any of them. From top to bottom:

1- Scout (Team Fortress)

2- Tracer (Overwatch)

3- Flash (DC Comics)

4- Quicksilver (Marvel Comics)

5- Roadrunner (Looney Tunes)

6- Speedy Gonzáles (Looney Tunes)

7- Sonic (Sonic the hedgehog)

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